Good nutrition plays a critical role in helping us cope with all the demands of modern life.

The Health Reset provides one to one nutrition consultations and bespoke nutrition plans which address your main symptoms and concerns and helps support you back to optimal health.

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Nutrition Plans
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In the 21st Century, many of us are stretched to our limits. Often our health gets pushed down the priority list as we struggle to maintain our sometimes unsustainable jobs and lifestyles.

Now more than ever, good nutrition plays a critical role in helping us cope with these demands and in leading us back to health. Without the qualified knowledge about correct nutrition and enforcing healthy eating habits, it’s easy for illnesses to creep in and for our health to decline, negatively impacting our relationships, jobs and quality of life.

However, juggling a busy life doesn’t mean your health has to suffer, and being healthy doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to suffer either. A happy balance is achievable.

The Founder

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Caroline Redmond – Founder

For ten years, Caroline had a successful career as a professional dancer and model working all over the globe. It was a fast paced job with constant physical and mental challenges.

Her interest in nutrition stretches back to the beginning of her full time professional training, aged 18. Ironically as a child, she had no interest in nutrition or awareness of it’s connection to her health. She herself lived off a typical ‘western’ or ‘convenience’ diet and had a stubborn disinterest in vegetables, fruits and wholefoods.

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