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Bespoke Nutrition Plans

One to One Personalised Nutrition Consultations

One to One Follow Up Appointments

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The Fertility Package

12 week programme to help couples conceive naturally, or support them through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and improve outcomes.

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Motivation & Mindset Coaching

N.L.P sessions for those who struggle with motivation, confidence or who need more support around mental and emotional issues around diet and health.

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The Health Reset Talks

Caroline Redmond is available for talks on request. Subjects include; Corporate Wellness, Pre/Post Natal Health and Performance Artist Nutrition.

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There are currently no events planned.

Bespoke Nutrition Plans

One to One Nutrition Consultations (90 Minutes)

We are living in an age of personailised healthcare. We are all unique and there is no one diet that fits all. Your genetics, health history, lifestyle demands and your physical or emotional needs all affect your personal nutritional needs. This is why, at the health reset, we do 90 minute one to one initial consultations to fully assess your individual needs.

An initial consultation involves:

  • A review of your main health concerns.
  • Gathering information on your medical/health history, your family medical history and any present symptoms, illness or disease.
  • Past and present medical treatments/medications or complementary therapies/supplement use.
  • An evaluation of your current dietary and lifestyle routines.
  • An investigation into how your various body systems are functioning and how these may relate to your current food intake.

On completion of your consultation, a bespoke nutrition plan will be created for you (this may take up to one week), and will include:

  • Guidance on which foods you should be increasing, avoiding or eliminating, with clear charts. Where appropriate, evidence based reasoning behind these choices is also included to help you understand the links between your diet and your health, making it easier to stick to your plan.
  • Any supplement suggestions (if necessary) with clear instructions, dosages and best quality brand recommendations.
  • Referals, if further complementary/medical support is needed or testing recommendations if more in depth scientific investigation will benefit.
  • Exercise and/or lifestyle recommendations that will complement or enhance the actions of your nutrition plan.

Price of initial consultations: £120

One to One Follow up Appointments (45 Minutes)

On completion of your initial stage plan, it is recommended to attend a follow up appointment 1- 2 months later. This involves:

  • A review of your previous symptoms and concerns.
  • A review of any functional test results.
  • An evaluation of your health including, but not limited to digestive function, energy levels, sleep quality/quantity and hormonal balance.
  • Parts of the plan that worked well for you, or parts that you found more challenging/difficult to implement.
  • Any new symptoms or concerns that you would like to focus on.

On completion of this review, a revised plan will be created for you, to support you on the next stage of your health journey. For more deep rooted issues or more serious disease states, more than one follow up appointment may be advised for appropriate monitoring and dietary support.

Price of follow up appointments: £60

Family members or friends are of course welcome during the consultation if you would like to include them in your health journey.

Skype consultations are also available for those who are unable to travel.

Home visits are available under various circumstances for an extra fee.

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