“Working with Caroline made a big difference to my overall health and wellbeing and I’m pleased that I chose to work with her. From the initial consultation and throughout the nutritional plan, Caroline provided plenty of support, providing very clear and positive guidance as well as being on hand to answer my questions. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering working with a professional nutritionist.”

K.S, Financial Services, London.

“I first contacted Caroline as I have had IBS for 10 years, fatigue and struggling to lose weight. I tried my best to eat as healthily as possible and have a healthy lifestyle but I felt it was catch 22 as symptoms persisted.

Caroline’s 1st consultation was very thorough and she was very understanding. The Health Reset plan was completely tailored to me, my symptoms and my lifestyle. Caroline was always in contact to see how I was going, and understood how life would sometimes get in the way. She put in place strategies and supplements so that I would still progress!

I am now on my 2nd phase of the plan, I’m feeling a lot better and managing my symptoms a lot more. I would recommend the health reset to anyone struggling with nutrition and who really needs that expertise, advice and support.”

M.D, Personal Trainer, London.

“I visited Caroline for a number of reasons, but mainly to focus on improving my skin, energy and finding a balance with my moods/ PMT. After my initial session, a 6 week gut cleanse was suggested. The information Caroline has given me, has been extremely helpful and she has been accessible for advice/any help whenever I’ve needed it. I find Caroline to be understanding in her approach yet realistic when it comes to your lifestyle, so you never feel like making the difference is totally out of your reach. I was really happy with my results. My energy was much better, as was my sleep pattern and my skin. This is still an area I am working on with Caroline, so fingers crossed we get there! Caroline will no doubt go above and beyond to help with any problem, in her usual warm, friendly, relatable and calm approach. I’ve really learnt a lot in the process, and am beyond happy to have Caroline as my Nutritionist.”

L.H, Dancer/Personal Trainer, London.

“I saw Caroline after being told by the G.P that I had very low oestrogen and meant it was unlikely that I was able to have children. This crumbled my world as children is something I’ve always wanted. Caroline spent a lot of time going through everything with me and gave me an in depth plan which was realistic for me to follow especially with my busy lifestyle and history of an eating disorder. Caroline also gave me the confidence and belief in myself to be able to follow it. After a few weeks of following the plan blood test results showed my oestrogen levels increased and five months since my first meeting with Caroline I have found out I am pregnant with my first child. I would highly recommend Caroline, she made my dream of having a family reality. Thank you so so much, from the bottom of my heart’.”

K.G, Occupational Therapist, St. Albans.

“My first visit to Caroline was when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have found her professional, helpful, responsive and positive at all times. Nothing is too much for her and I would definitely recommend her services. Her diet enabled me to balance my hormones, withstand the effects of radiotherapy and supply me with energy I was told would not exist. In addition my nails have never looked so good!”

J.B, Company Director, London.

“I came to Caroline not really knowing exactly what I wanted, just having an awareness that my eating habits weren’t great and maybe needed improving. What has followed in the 3 months since my initial consultation is renewed energy, a leaner body and completely refreshed facial skin. Cutting out dairy was relatively easy to do and that small adjustment to my diet has had a huge effect. Caroline understands the life of a professional London woman and doesn’t provide unrealistic diet plans. Instead she provides an in-depth document with fully explained eating & exercise recommendations along with recipe ideas.”

G.T, Executive Assistant, Sony, London.
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